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Acoustic Dampening Study Booth

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Acoustic Dampening Study Booth

Product Specification:

Internal sound absorbing foam contained in an MDF structure.

37% average recycled content

91% average recyclable content

Panels are 55mm thick with a 30dB noise reduction rating.

Unique in there curved shape and space efficient design.

The perfect individual workspace with built in desk and acoustic dampening walls as to create a quiet space for focus.

The in-built desk has a thickness of 25mm in white laminate and is positioned 720mm high in the booth.

Comes with a single cable port positioned at the back of the desk.

The booths are quick and easy to install, with virtually tool free construction and most of the designs are suitable for one person to build in less than 1 hour.

This product can be altered in all forms including height, width, depth, footprint, shape, layers, fabrics, accessories and uses, all of which can be tailored to your exact requirements. Please Keep In Mind, you can have more added to this product, as long as you specify what you need to us before it is ordered as these booths are made to order and will take 3-5 weeks to construct.

Once order is placed, delivery is expected between 3-5 weeks from order.

We have five designs to choose from:

Small Study Booth

Medium Study Booth

Long Study Booth

Wide Study Booth

Left Hand Wide Study Booth

Right Hand Wide Study Booth


Small Study Booth:

W1200mm x D1000mm x H1100mm

W1200mm x D1000mm x H1400mm

W1200mm x D1000mm x H1800mm

Medium Study Booth:

W1400mm x D1200mm x H1100mm

W1400mm x D1200mm x H1400mm

W1400mm x D1200mm x H1800mm

Long Study Booth:

W1400mm x D1600mm x H1100mm

W1400mm x D1600mm x H1400mm

W1400mm x D1600mm x H1800mm

Wide Study Booth:

W1800mm x D1200mm x H1100mm

W1800mm x D1200mm x H1400mm

W1800mm x D1200mm x H1800mm

Left/Right Hand Wide Study Booth

W1800mm x D1400mm x H1100mm

W1800mm x D1400mm x H1400mm

W1800mm x D1800mm x H1800mm