Office Pod Quiet Space Circular


White acoustic ceiling tiles are 19mm thick and have a sound attenuation rating of 38db.
Down-lighters are supplied with 12 volt LED bulbs and PIR sensor to control lights.
Fully glazed sliding door
All panels on these pods are fully glazed
Framed panels available in a variety of surface finishes including upholstered, acoustic upholstered, glazing and dry wipe.
Pod structure Posts, cross rails and fixings available in either Silver, White or Graphite
Assembled on site.
Installation can be supplied by our qualified fitters
Free site visit and planning service Can be made to order to suit most budgets with additional fabric screens replacing glazed ones
Delivery time 3/5 weeks

For a 2 power / 2 data post add £575.00 + vat
For a 4 power / 4 data post add £642.00 + vat
For an air circulation unit add £878.00 + vat

3000mm Diameter x 2200mmH Free standing acoustic pod . Consists of 11 glass panels and 1 glazed door creates 9 sqm of space £9496.00 + vat
3000mm Diameter x 2400mmH Free standing acoustic pod . Consists of 11 glass panels and 1 glazed door creates 9 sqm of space £9799.00 + vat


The Office Pod Quiet Space Circular is an innovative solution designed to create a peaceful and productive environment within a busy office setting. The 19mm thick white acoustic ceiling tiles offer exceptional sound attenuation, with a rating of 38db, ensuring privacy and reducing distractions for users.

Equipped with down-lighters featuring 12 volt LED bulbs and a PIR sensor for convenient light control, this office pod is not only functional but also energy-efficient. The fully glazed sliding door and panels maximize natural light while maintaining a sense of openness within the space, making it an ideal spot for focused work or meetings.

The Office Pod Quiet Space Circular allows for customization with framed panels available in various surface finishes such as upholstered, acoustic upholstered, glazing, and dry wipe. The pod structure itself is sturdy and stylish, with options for posts, cross rails, and fixings in Silver, White, or Graphite to suit different aesthetic preferences.

Designed for easy assembly on-site, this office pod can be installed by qualified fitters to ensure a seamless and professional finish. Additionally, the product comes with a free site visit and planning service, making it a hassle-free solution for businesses looking to enhance their workspace.

For those with specific budget requirements, the Office Pod Quiet Space Circular offers the flexibility to be made to order, with the option to replace glazed panels with fabric screens. With a delivery time of 3 to 5 weeks, this product provides a quick and efficient solution for creating a quiet and functional workspace within any office setting.

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